Saturday, 19 July 2008

Image Transfer

Have you seen the new webisode on TV Weekly this weekend? Judi decorates a Clear Scraps acrylic album by transferring photographs onto the plastic using Tranz-It and Rinse Away Paper.

I was visiting JudiKins in California whilst on holiday when Judi was working on the project but I didn't get to see the finished article. To be honest I've always been a little sceptical about these acrylic albums, maybe it has something to do with having 2 very inquisitive children in my house. I don't think one would last very long before getting damaged or scratched by my delightful children - and what is the point in an acrylic album if you don't have it on display!

Tranz-It is one of those products that I've always wanted to use but never got round to it so I might have to get me an acrylic album or maybe I could transfer a photo onto an acetate overlay - all I need now is the time to play.

If you have used Tranz-It please post a link here so we can all see.

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Sue said...

I watched that episode last night !!! Have added an album and all the Judikins stuff to the next shopping list !!! Did you see the Tulip Tag Album? Like you all I eed (apart from the shopping) is the time - lol