Saturday, 28 March 2015

Day 1 in Switzerland

I really should have brought my camera but some things just aren't easy to capture in a photo.
We drove through several villages on the way from the airport and yesterday on the way to the store, there are some amazing ultra modern buildings and homes and then the very traditional wooden ones that you imagine there will be - Swiss Chalet style.
After the aiport we stopped for dinner in a traditional Swiss Chalet style restaurant.  Even the radio station was playing tradional accordion type music.  The food was amazing but enormous.  Marcels Cordon Bleu was the size of the large dinner plate (vegetables were separate).

I taught classes yesterday and they were all going really well until just after 8pm, I was trying to use a pen with liquid pearl type contents when it exploded in my hand.
I can only imagine what I looked like.  The contents of the pen were black, so the pink top I was wearing is now splattered in black as was my face, hands and arms.  I even found some in my hair.
I think the ladies did very well not to fall off their chairs laughing, which is what I would have done had some not gone in my eye.  I managed to wash it out of my eye and off my skin but unfortunately not my shirt, I think that is ruined - oh well I will just have to go shopping for a new one!
At the end of the evening when I was saying goodbye to the ladies I did notice that most of them had at least one black beauty spot that they didn't have earlier in the day!

Fingers crossed for no exploding pens today

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Helen said...

Oh how I wish there were pictures with this post... hope you avoid a repetition today!