Saturday, 28 March 2015

Day 2 in Switzerland

I forgot to take my phone today so not even any phone pictures, I will try to do better tomorrow.

The day and all the workshops ran smoothly today, no incidents or accidents.
Lots of lovely ladies with varying degrees of English, they have been helping me improve my German and teaching me odd words as well as giving me chocolate and alcohol!
It's a lot of fun teaching to people when English is not their first language and sometimes they don't know any English at all.  It really makes you think about the way you describe things.  
Luckily a lot of what I do is visual so words aren't always necessary.  But I do find that I try and describe things in as many ways as possible in the hope that they will understand one of them, there is usually a word that is common in both languages.
I taught lots of different techniques today including 4 ways with gold leaf, chalk pencils, masterboard plus more.

I have a day off tomorrow and the weather will dictate what we do, but all the shops are closed on Sundays so no shopping, maybe a museum, some sightseeing or possibly a horse ride.
I shall just have to wait and see what the morning brings.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah
Charlotte, Trudy and I had a wonderful afternoon with you at the R├Ągeboge yesterday. We learned a lot!
Thanks again for everything and hope to see you again in June
Love Christine xxx